JTC Auctions:  Who are we and where do we get our inventory.

JTC Auctions: Who are we and where do we get our inventory.

Posted by JTCAuctions on Jan 24th 2024

JTC Auctions: Who are we and where do we get our inventory.

Sourcing inventory is very important. JTC has secreted contacts with many of today’s top retailers and manufacturers, liquidating thousands of truckloads of excess inventory, customer returns, and store pulled products. JTC sells truckloads of general merchandise, furniture, toys, housewares, appliances, clothing, tools, rugs, and many other categories. When sourcing direct from retailers we don’t get to pick and choose the items we purchase. Truckloads are shipped to us, and we are required to deal with whatever is in those truckloads. Over the years we have seen some crazy items, but we always find a way to resell or repurpose the products.

The Brand Name Boutique style apparel we sell by the box on JTCAuctions is from a very large Department Store in North America. We liquidate all their household goods and seasonal products by the truckloads and the clothing we move by the box, pallet, and truckload to a variety of resellers. Our JTC Auctions website is setup for the small business owner or entrepreneur looking to source high-end clothing by the box. Our typical customer is the Poshmark Reseller, WhatNot Fashion Sellers, or Mercari reseller. If you have been sourcing Nordstroms Rack Clothing Pallet or Macys Liquidations and paying upwards of $8-$10 each for clothing, you may want to take a deeper dive into the brands we have on JTC Auctions. You will see a lot of overlap in the brand names available at both stores. Many of the clothing brands we have are also sold at Revolve. If you are looking for Cheap Revolve Clothing Pallets, that is not something we can help you with. All our clothing boxes and pallets are all mixed brands. The apparel that we receive is pulled directly off the racks at the stores and shipped to us in boxes or in gaylord pallets. Some of the brand names we have from this department store are also sold at Revolve but we do not have a sorting process to pull out all the high-end brands to make curated clothing boxes for orders.

Send us an email or call if you have any questions regarding the clothing boxes we have listed on JTCAuctions. Thanks you!