​Should you Buy Nordstrom Liquidation Pallets?

​Should you Buy Nordstrom Liquidation Pallets?

Posted by JTCAuctions on Jan 25th 2024

Since you have found this blog post, I am assuming you are in search for Nordstrom High-end Boutique Clothing or other types of Luxury Clothing Liquidation Pallets. You may be wondering where you can source Nordstrom Apparel Pallets or if you should even buy them. In this short post, I will try to give you some basic information on what JTCAuctions is offering vs if you should continue to source Nordstrom apparel. At this point I am confident the goal in your search is to find a source for liquidation apparel that has both high-end clothing with low costs to maximize your profits and minimize your risks associated with buying liquidation merchandise.

What is Nordstrom Liquidation and How Can you Buy Pallets?

Nordstrom liquidation pallets typically consist of store pulled, customer returns, end of season, and other mark down products that the retailer is looking to clear out. Like most retailers, when it comes time to liquidate their merchandise, the products are stacked on pallets and sold to large liquidation companies by the truckload. Most of the time these liquidation companies are buying the merchandise on contract and are required to take all their liquidation products. Finding a good liquidation company can be a challenge but it is always a good idea to start with companies located near you. If you are able to go visit their warehouse in person that is even better. Visiting liquidation companies in person and being able to see the merchandise before buying can help minimize your risk. If you do not have the time to visit each company in person or you don’t have liquidators in your area. You may be stuck searching and sourcing online for liquidations. So now you may be wondering, what companies should you buy from if you can’t see the merchandise in person. This is where searching YouTube videos, reading reviews on Facebook / Instagram and connecting with other resellers can be a helpful tool in finding the right company for you. Now that you have narrowed down your search to a few different companies. Start small, try buying a few boxes first to get a feel for the merchandise mix from each company. Call and speak with them in person. A lot of times, these liquidation companies have a lot more available than what they are showing online.

Nordstrom Clothing Liquidation Pallets and Boxes vs JTC Auctions Apparel Boxes.

To be as transparent as possible, the apparel sold on JTCAuctions is not from Nordstroms or Nordstrom Rack. JTC Auctions liquidation apparel is from a different department store that most resellers lineup at to Retail Arbitrage and buy their mark down products before it gets liquidated. As you will see when you search through the lots available on JTC Auctions website, you will see many of these Brand names that are also sold at Nordstroms, Macys, Von Maur, and Revolve. The major difference between the clothing liquidated on JTCAuctions and buying Nordstrom apparel is the price point. Nordstrom Liquidation Apparel Boxes are typically sold online for $7-10 each. It really depends on the product mix and where you are sourcing from. The apparel on JTC Auctions is half that price.

Buying Clothing Mystery Boxes vs Manifested Apparel Boxes.

Mystery Boxes of apparel are a great way to source clothing at a cheaper price point. There is more risk in buying these products as you have no idea what you are getting. You should have an idea what retail store or brand names that are in your mystery box. Example: Mystery Box of Amazon Apparel, or Mystery box of Nordstrom Rack Clothing. You should have some idea what brand names you may get in your box of apparel. You probably won’t know if you are getting Fall, Winter, or Summer apparel and what sizes are in the boxes but knowing where the products are sourced or potential brand names should be a minimum. Keep in mind when you source apparel from department store liquidations, Women’s apparel is always the most common in the boxes. This is the largest section of apparel in the department stores so you should see that represented in your boxes or clothing pallets.

Manifested clothing boxes have a lot less risk when compared to buying mystery boxes. These apparel boxes typically will cost you more per piece. Keep in mind, you will still have some risk buying any type of liquidation merchandise. You are still buying liquidations which is typically store pulled or customer returned clothing. Damages can still be represented in both manifested and mystery boxes. Do your homework and talk with the company you are buying from.

What Does JTC Auctions Offer for Wholesale Clothing Boxes and Pallets?

JTC Auctions offers Department Store Pulled Apparel Liquidations. Most of the customers sourcing clothing from JTCAuctions are resellers that have discount stores or resell on Poshmark, Mercari, eBay, and WhatNot. The clothing on JTCAuctions.com is sold by the box as “mystery boxes” or “picture boxes. So, what is the difference between the two boxes offered and which one is best for you.

JTC Picture Boxes offered on JTC Auctions is the same Department Store Pulled Apparel sold in the mystery boxes. To make a picture box of apparel we need to start with a full pallet of clothing. Each apparel pallet that is received from the department store has around 20-25 boxes of apparel on the pallet. One box is pulled off the pallet and each clothing piece is placed on a table for a quick picture. The clothing is quickly reviewed for any damage and identified in the picture. After a picture is taken, it is placed back in a box for shipping. The process is continued until the shipping box is filled. These pictures are uploaded on JTCAuctions and sold as a “Picture Boxes”. This is not exactly a manifested box but it is the most cost effective way to give potential buyers a good idea what they will be receiving in their box. Keep in mind, there is an up charge for these boxes because the costs associated with taking pictures, uploading pictures, and boxing the apparel back up. Most wholesale liquidation companies offering apparel boxes do not offer picture boxes like this because the costs associated with doing this is very high. JTC Auctions offers these pictures boxes to create more transparency on our website and it helps buyers interested in mystery boxes get a chance to review the current apparel mix that is coming through the pipeline.

JTC Mystery Boxes offered on JTCAuctions is very easy to explain. You get the next box off the Apparel pallet that was received off the department store truckloads. The best way to get an idea on the type of apparel you would get in your mystery box. Look at the sold lots on JTCAuctions with pictures and the current pictures boxes available. Apparel boxes are updated in numerical SKU order and all boxes are visible on JTCAuctions.com. If you look through the most recent boxes listed, about 20-25 boxes in a row you will get a very good idea on the type of apparel you would see in your mystery box.

What Brand Names does JTCAuctions have that may also at Nordstroms Rack.

7 For All Mankind, Adidas, Adio, Air Jordan, American Eagle, Anne Klein, Baby Phat, Banana Republic, Blank NYC, Bearpaw, Bebe Sport, Betsey Johnson, Billabong, Born, Callaway, Calvin Klein, Champion, Cloth & Stone, Coach, Columbia, Converse, Current Elliott, Derek Lam, Doc Marten, Dolce & Gabbana, Dooney & Bourke, Ecco, Ed Hardy, Emerica, Express, Forever 21, Frame, Free People, FreePeople, Good American, Guess, Gunit, Heritage 1981, Hollister, Hurley, HydraFlask, House of Harlow, James Perse, Jessica Simpson, Jones New York, Jones of NY, Juicy, Joie, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Keds, Kenneth Cole, Levi, Limited, Love Rocks, Lucky Brand, Lucky Brand Jeans, Marc Jacobs, Max Studio, Splendid, Michael Kors, Miss Me Belt, MUDD, Nautica, New York & Co, Nike, Nine West, North Face, O’Neill, Paris Blues, Patricia Nash Purses, Pepe, Perry Ellis, Pink Rose, Polo by Ralph Lauren, Polo, Puma, Quiksilver, Rag & Bone, Ralph Lauren, Roxy, Royal Doulton, Sean Jean, Sketchers, Sincerely Jules, Steve Madden, Taylor, Tommy Hilfiger, Toms, True Religion, UGG, Under Armour, Vans, VINCE, Vince Camuto, Vox, Yogalicious, Zara and More.