Apparel Pallets

JTC Auctions is NOT shipping LTL pallets anymore.  Yes, we do have many pallets and truckloads of clothing available.   However, we had to cancel the pallet shipping because the communication between 3rd party transportation providers and our customers was not up to our standards.   It is important for us to provide you with basic information about your order, like shipping status and delivery time.   LTL carriers were not able to provide this level of service and we didn’t want our customers reviewing us based on service out of our control.  

How Do I Buy Pallets Now?   You are still able to buy multiple mystery boxes on the website.   Your boxes will be shipped out FedEx with tracking information.  Our FedEx account has very competitive shipping rates when compared to LTL shipping single pallets.     If for any reason you are receiving an error message when trying to buy multiple boxes, you need to split up the order.   Try adding only 2 or 3 boxes per transaction order.  

Do You Offer Warehouse Pickup for Pallets?    Yes, you can pickup at our warehouse.  Our address is 8090 Excelsior Blvd. Hopkins, MN 55343.  We are open Monday - Friday.  JTCAuctions is closed on weekends.  

Additional Questions: Call, Email, Text

Nick Wollan: 763-843-2088 (Call/Text)

Mystery Box Pallets of Department Store Pulled Apparel - These Mystery Box Pallets of clothing is the same department store apparel that you see on JTCAuctions in the picture boxes.   It is the same apparel mix as a mystery boxes, just with a lot more boxes.   If you like the brand names and condition of the products listed in the picture boxes, you may want to try a mystery box to save a little extra cash.  These Boxes/Pallets are mixed with Women's, Men's and Children's Clothing.   Please review the pictures of the other apparel boxes listed on JTCAuctions before buying a mystery box.  We highly recommend trying a Mystery Box before buying a Pallet.     

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